Heritage Days 2012

Beautiful Truman Lake Autumn

Little cabin in the woods.

Volunteer in costume.

"Let's look inside!" 

Morning sun through the trees.

Beautiful fall scenery.

Inside the cabin.

Cozy cabin fireplace.

Cabin loft bedroom.

Open air kitchen.

Village blacksmith.

Another shot of the blacksmith's shop.

Saw sharpening on left, feed and water for animals on the right.

I'll pay the extra 15¢.

Inside the mercantile.

"Modern" apple peeling contraption.

Making friends.

A yoke of oxen.

Hurrying off to school.

Taking her seat.

Daydreaming in class.

Here comes the wagon.

1-horsepower sorghum mill.

Kettle corn.


Soap making.

The Highland calves were too cute!

Another look at the oxen.

Kat's favorite!

More music.

Wonderful wood cook stove.

Kat made sure I noticed the canning.

Homemade butter.  Free samples were so yummy!

A quick self-portrait shot.

Those huge oxen again.

Another picture of the cute Highland calf.

More music.

Yet more music.

"Modern" Maytag washing machine.

Looking south from Kaysinger Bluff into town.

Looking north from the Visitor Center. 
My camera doesn't do justice to the fall colors.

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