Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Snow

Robyn, my online friend from Australia (with whom I traded aprons last year), mentioned that she'd like to see pictures of all the snow we've been getting.  I'm happy to post them.

This first picture was taken Monday of this week, following the snow we had last Thursday.  At our house, we had about 11 inches of snow, and as you can see, there was about 7-8 inches of it still on the ground.

The rest of these were taken yesterday, after another 9+ inches fell.  We were fortunate not to get the 15 or more inches that were originally in the forecast.

No grilling for a while.

Can you believe this is 6-7 foot tall dogwood?
I'm happy to say I think it will recover.

And this one usually looks like a traditional Christmas tree.

At least 50 shades of gray here.

Shane is working out of town this week, so I've been digging out in stages.  I've done the back deck twice, both times so our semi-feral cat can find his way up to eat.  I did the front steps and sidewalk as far as the driveway this morning, and in a while I'll go back out and finish the driveway. 

It's still snowing very lightly, but at least it has stopped accumulating.  It's a pain in the butt, but it will be oh-so-good for the garden later this spring.
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