Thursday, April 19, 2012

Playing With Our Food

Shane is working out of town again. Unlike last year when he spent months working in western Kansas, this time he's just 2-3 hours away in Springfield, MO.  Remember our trip in March when we spent some time at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield?  They are expanding, and that is were he's working, during the night while the store is closed.  He's been told the job is only for this week.  Right.  The job last year in Kansas was only supposed to have lasted two weeks, and it stretched out to most of 9 months.  It's already looking like this job will run longer, too.  Even if it does, things will work out better than last year.  This time he's close enough to drive home on the weekends.

One night before he left, we had some delicious, but ugly, Star Wars pancakes.  Those pancake forms worked about as well as I expected them to, which was not well at all.


Darth Vader or a Christmas bell?

Better results on this Storm Trooper when I used the form as a cutter.

Luke, I am your bacon!

These were made with a new-to-me pancake recipe that we really liked.  I'll be posting it sometimes soon.
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