Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Walk in the Park

We spent last Sunday afternoon Geocaching and trail hiking in a great park down the highway in Harrisonville, MO.  I had been in this park before, but I didn't realize how large -- and nice -- it is.

If you don't know about Geocaching, it's a fun activity involving a hand-held GPS unit.  On the website, you can find geographic coordinates for "caches" that others have hidden.  You enter the coordinates into your GPS, then go seeking the caches.  Our GPS is an older, rather low-tech kind, which is perfect for Geocaching.  We can get just enough information to find a cache without being led right to it.  Geocaching can make a fun hike even more fun, but not all caches are hidden in the woods.  There are plenty to be found in urban areas, too.

Some caches contain little more than a roll of paper that serves as a sign-up sheet.  Kat likes a more traditional cache that contains small trinkets.  If you leave a trinket, you can take a different from the cache.

This is a fun activity for families or singles, regardless of where you live.

A dead tree (redbud, maybe) inside a live tree.

Gnarly old tree.

I think it's over there!

Not sure what she's holding up.

A girl and her walking stick. it is!

Looks like a coffee canister covered in camo.

Have a nice day!

A goofy monkey.  And a baboon, too.

We saw dozens, if not hundreds, of these.

Taking a break.

He was serious when he said he had a splitting headache.

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