Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Alive!

Garden season isn't quite over yet.  This is what we picked from our garden last night.  Two big bowls of green beans (we covered them during our recent frosts), several small acorn squash and a custard cup full of strawberries.

Yes, I did say strawberries.

They're an ever-bearing variety and they've been doing this all summer except for a short while during the hottest, most dry weeks.

We even had 2-3 raspberries last night, but they last long enough to make it into the photo.

Still in the garden are butternut squash, possibly a few more green beans, some Swiss chard and some collard greens.  Everything else has been "put to bed", so to speak.

Are your gardening days over for the season, or do you still have a few plants that are producing?
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