Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm Down With That

I just don't know what "that" is.  At first I just thought it was post-vacation blahs, but no, it's something else.  Body aches and shooting pains in my back and legs, headache, sinus pressure, feeling hot then chilled, nausea, thick snot. 

What? That last bit was too" informative"?  Sorry.

The little shooting twinges are a dead giveaway that I have some kind of infection.  I suspect sinus.  Or maybe ear, since I heard some vacation river water rattling around in there a couple of times.

I didn't take all of my antibiotics from the last time I had sinus infection (bad), so I'm taking them now (bad).  Shane usually calls me at lunch, and as soon as that happens, I'm putting myself down for a nap (good).

I'll be back when I feel better.
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