Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Livable Living Room

There's nothing like coming home from vacation to make me realize just how dirty and messy our house is.  It seems like time away makes it easier to see all those things I've been overlooking and ignoring.  One thing I wish I hadn't overlooked was the breakfast burrito and bowl of strawberries I made for Shane on the morning we left for vacation -- last Wednesday.  I stuck it in the microwave for safekeeping while he took care of a few last minute chores.  We were 30 miles down the road by the time we remembered it was still in the microwave. 

Ew.  Just, Ew.

But enough about my past.  Back to the present.  After catching up on a few things that had to be done today, like watering the garden, bringing in a small harvest, and starting some laundry, I decided to tackle a room of the house.  I let Kat choose for me, since choosing seemed beyond my capabilities today.  She picked the living room, and I tacked on our one hallway as well. 

It's not spotless, but I gave it a pretty good top-to-bottom cleaning:

  • Cleared out any items that don't belong in this room
  • Organized the hall (coat) closet
  • Dusted the ceiling fan and attached light fixture
  • Cleaned cobwebs from the ceiling and corners
  • Dusted the blinds
  • Cleaned the windows
  • Removed cat hair from upholstered furniture
  • Dusted the furniture, wall decor, etc.
  • Cleaned all glass surfaces
  • Swept and cleaned the laminate entryway
  • Vacuumed
  • Spot-treated the carpeting

Here's what I can think of that I didn't do:

  • Clean the glass in the front storm door
  • Wash the curtains (they'll surely fall apart if I do)
  • Organize the photos in the cedar chest that we use as a side table.

That last one has been an item on my to do list since my mother-in-law gave me this chest in 2001.  The only time I open it is to quickly shove another photo inside.  Nope, it's not likely I'll be checking this off my list today.

So, at least one room is livable again.  I'm going to do my best to ignore the rest, at least until tomorrow.
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