Monday, July 23, 2012

More Heat, More Camping, More Floral Trunks

Despite the excessive heat warning we're currently under, we decided to go camping again over the weekend.  This time we went to the NW side of Truman Lake, just south of Clinton, MO.  It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to get there from our home.

Truman Lake, Sparrowfoot Campground
Level, pull-through campsite.  An RVer's dream.

This was a very relaxing and quiet weekend for us.  Because of the heat (I assume), campers were few and far between.  In our loop, there were only six campers and one family with tents.  There were another half-dozen or so campers in the other loop.  Overall, the campground has 111 sites, so we obviously felt like we had plenty of elbow room.

Truman Lake, Sparrowfoot Campground
No other campers to be seen.

Truman Lake, Sparrowfoot Campground
There's another camper back there, if you know where to look.

Most weekends that we camp, we plan some kind of activity away from the campground, but not this time.  We made a quick trip into town to a Dollar General to pick up a couple of things we forgot to bring with us. 

Kat and a dinosaur named Fried Chicken.

The local radio station had played a frequent ad for an ice cream social in a tiny little burg (pop. 500, more or less) just five miles from camp, so we went to that, too.  I'm pretty sure we were the youngest family there, and no doubt the only "foreigners".  It was worth it, though.  $5 each bought us a BIG bowl of homemade vanilla, chocolate, and/or strawberry ice cream, a homemade baked dessert (pies, cakes and brownies galore), and a choice of tea, coffee or water.  And it was for a good cause...'cause we wanted ice cream.  Seriously, though, it was a fund raiser for the Deepwater Labor Day & Harvest Picnic.

Other than those two outings, we stayed at camp.  We're still under a burn ban here, so no campfire, but we sat around outside in the evening looking at the stars and enjoying a few drinks.  During the day, we ate, read our books, played cards, ate some more, and of course, swam in the lake.  Shane and Kat also rode their bikes early in the morning and late in the evening.  I still haven't bought a bike to join them.

Here are Kat and Shane standing in the lake near the beach boundaries /markers.  I read that the lake is down a little more than a foot from normal, but I know from experience that the water should be about shoulder deep on Shane at the markers. And look!  There is grass growing on the beach. The surface temperature is a warm 86 right now, but that's still refreshing when the air temperature is over 100.  (Actually, that's about the perfect temperature for me anytime.)

Truman Lake, Sparrowfoot Campground
Lake level is LOW.

Truman Lake, Sparrowfoot Campground
Grass on the beach.

We stayed 'til dusk.

I can't omit the token shot of the floral trunks.

Water should be up to about mid-frame.

For now, it's back to the daily grind.  Our next outing is in 19 days.  But who's counting?
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