Friday, July 6, 2012

Vacation Day 3 - Silly Roadside Attractions

We had a really low-key day today.  We slept in, ate all of our meals at camp, took some bike rides (despite the temps being as high as they were yesterday) and basically did a whole lot of nothing.

We did venture out in the afternoon to check out a couple of small towns in the area.  Their websites promised more than they actually delivered, unfortunately.  We did take just a few pictures, though.

The highlight of the day was that it clouded over and almost rained.  It was the talk of the town everywhere we went.

Canoe art in Steelville, MO, "The Floating Capital of the World".
Promising dark clouds in the background.

More canoe art.

And yet another.  The painted canoes are all over town.

"World's Largest Rocking Chair",  at Fanning 66 Outpost,
just outside of Cuba, MO.

A Route 66 mural, also at Fanning 66 Outpost.
Cuba is known as the "Route 66 Mural City".

Doin' a little front porch sittin' at the outpost.

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