Monday, January 28, 2013

A Hard-To-Shoot Cat

I know a few of you are interested in updates on our cat Bob (aka Bag O' Bones), who was a starving stray that showed up at our house last July.  When we decided to keep him, we moved him into our back yard, where he made himself right at home.  Last December, just before our first snowfall of the season, we decided to move him into our basement. 

He's a pet -- he has been declawed on his front paws and has been neutered -- so he really prefers to be indoors.  Although we'd like to let him stay in our main living area, our other cats won't tolerate a newbie, so the basement it must be.

We haven't weighed him, but you can see he's much more plump and healthy than he was when he first showed up.  We've been trying to brush him and have been cutting out matted fur, but his fur is just a mess no matter what we do. (I'm looking pretty messy myself in these shots, but enough about me).  He needs a bath, or at least to have his face and eyes wiped with a wash cloth, but we're waiting until it warms up a little before we get him wet.

He's definitely a lover boy and will let you hold him indefinitely.  Never -- not a single time -- has putting him down been his idea.

Bob doesn't make eye contact very often, so it's really hard to get a good shot of him.  Since he loves to be held, I decided a self-portrait shot might be the easiest way to capture a decent picture or two.

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