Monday, January 21, 2013

Front-Lounge Retirement

Last summer, we bought a 1999 5th wheel camper.  It is in excellent shape for a camper of that age, so we don't have any desire to upgrade to anything newer in the foreseeable future.  Still, it can be fun to look at newer models, which is something we had a chance to do at an RV show over the weekend.

Big or small, after looking at a couple of dozen RVs, they all began to look the same.  None really seemed to offer anything we didn't already have, except for updated color schemes.

That was, until we saw this one:

What's special about this is that the living room is over the hitch in the front of the camper.  Most 5th wheels have a bedroom and bathroom over the hitch.  The effect is amazing.  From the moment you walk in, this space feels more like a small apartment than a camper.  From the show's entire selection, this was THE ONE that impressed us.

If our future goes as planned, we'll be spending a lot more time in an RV during our retirement years and when that time comes, we think would like to upgrade to one with this type of layout.  It's definitely a space we could call home -- or at least home away from home.
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