Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy and New

Welcome to the New Year and welcome to the new blog.  I'm Annie.  Some of you already know me from my old blog (you might find some useful stuff still sitting over there, but in the interest of fresh starts, I'll not link this blog from that end.)

The new blog will be a lot like the old one, but I hope you'll notice some differences.  I'm aiming for a more casual feel here, with less concern over ending a sentence with a preposition and less worry over whether I'll offend someone by being too this or not enough that.  I figure you're all able to decide whether or not you like it here and smart enough to move on if you don't.

Just like before, I'll be posting recipes and food ideas, ways to save money, gardening, tips for reusing and recycling, do-it-yourself projects, and other odds and ends.  As a family, we aren't focusing as much on bottom-line frugality as we used to.  Shane and I are both frugal and I can't imagine us being any other way, but having reached some of our financial goals, we're loosening up a bit.  Instead of just buying the cheapest, we're now making some of our spending decisions based on qualities such as packaging, area of origin, nutritional value, and expected durability.  Expect to see some of our new priorities reflected in the posts here. 

One last thing:  We know not what we do.  Thus the title of the blog.  Some people have told us we're impulsive; we think we're just quick to do some basic research and make our decision.  More than that, we're unafraid to act once we've decided on something.  We succeed or we fail, but either way we learn something.  We think learning this way beats reading a manual any day.
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