Monday, January 9, 2012

Very Busy Weekend

Wow, what a busy weekend we had!  But a nice one, too.

Saturday we spent all day away from home.  We ran some errands -- both personal and work related, met with a craigslist seller to buy one of those Jack LaLanne Power Juicers, had a nice (mystery-shopped) lunch out at one of the Mongolian BBQ places, and looked around an antique mall for a few hours.  We didn't make it home until after dark.  I'm sure that sounds funny to some of you, but we're hardly ever out in the evening anymore.

Yesterday morning I went out to put in my monthly two hours of volunteer work at the recycle bins only to find out that the bins were completely full.  I'm sure that was because it was our first recycling weekend since Christmas; there were lots and lots of cardboard boxes in the bins.  Since there was nothing I could do there, I came home and soon found out that one of our freezers wasn't freezing completely.  Shane and I immediately unloaded it into coolers and defrosted it, and now it's working just fine.  We tossed a few food items, since I didn't know how long they'd been partially thawed, but we caught it in time to save almost everything.

I took inventory as we reloaded it, and while we were at it, we inventoried our other deep-freeze.  Those were the last two storage places I need to take stock of, so I'm done with that and now have updated lists.  If I can keep a pretty good tally of what comes in and goes out over the next few weeks, I won't have to do another BIG inventory for a while.

Since we were on a roll, Shane continued working on cleaning the garage and made a noticeable difference in it's appearance.  He's not done, but he has a good start.  He wanted me nearby for assistance and to answer questions (my answer was always, "yes, get rid of it"), so I spent my day working in the kitchen.  I cleaned, I baked cookies and wrapped hot dogs (Pigs in a Blanket) for Kat's and Shane's lunches, I cooked a roast for tonight's supper, I made tacos for last night's supper, and I tried out the juicer on both apples and some tomatoes that we pulled out of the freezer when we were cleaning it.

By the time everything was cleaned up again and Kat was in bed, I'd been on my feet for more than 12 hours and I practically melted into a nice hot bath with some of our homemade lavender soap.

So, how was everyone else's weekend?  Frances says her weekend was lazy, but it sounds to me like she did some fun things, too.

Stay tuned for the recipe for the cookies I made yesterday.  I'll try to post it later today.
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