Friday, March 9, 2012

Not-Quite-Done Door

Our new back door project is almost done.  Shane put the trim up today.  What remains to be done is staining the wood trim, touching up the wall paint where we took down the vertical blind, and deciding on window treatment. 

The plan is to buy and install the add-on mini-blinds that are encased in glass, that can be tilted or raised with the touch of a lever.  That will go on the center (main) door.  For the sidelights I'm considering lace panels stretched from top to bottom and cinched in the middle.  They'll let in light without affording much of a view into the house.

A related project will be replacing the kitchen floor that was damaged because of the old door leaking.  Shane's going to take a break before tackling that.

Anyway, since SonyaAnn and I love before and after pics, here they are.  Try not to get too disgusted with the old door photos.  I tried to keep up, but once I knew we were getting the new door, I gave up instead.

Daylight and cold air coming in around sliding door.

We used a board to wedge the door shut to stop some of the heat loss.

Nasty mildew on the stationary side of the sliding door.  Once I knew we were getting a new door I quit trying to keep up with cleaning this. 
Disgusting to look at and disgusting to deal with.

View of the old door from the back yard. 
A deck remodel is in the works, too, sometime.

Another view of the old door from the back steps.

The "crew" making adjustments after taking the old door out. 
The new door was about 6 inches wider than the opening.

Looks like the new door is going in, but no...

It was dark by the time they finally got it set and leveled.

Not the best time of day for a pic, but you get the idea.  Stain will be
a pecan color, similar to that hutch on the left. The sidelights are
screened and will open to let the breeze in.

New back door from back steps.

New door from back yard.  It would look sharp with a new deck (hint, hint).

Hey, we got a new light fixture, too!

So, there you have it.  It's done enough for now.  We're headed out of town for the weekend for a little fun.  Hope you have a good weekend; I'll be back on Monday.
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