Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Sewing/Crafting - Aprons!

I love aprons!  Not only do they help keep my clothing clean when I cook, but they also double as a basket when I need to carry just a few things, give me a place to wipe my hands if I can't find a dish towel, and if they have pockets, a place to carry my food thermometer when I'm grilling, or my phone wherever I go around the house.  I read somewhere that they also give the impression to door-to-door solicitors that I'm too busy to talk to them.  I've known that to actually work a time or two!

I mentioned in March that I was participating in an apron exchange hosted by Rhonda and her friend Sharon at the Down to Earth blog.  I was partnered with my new cyber-friend Robyn, who lives near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Robyn was on the ball and sent the apron she made for me very early on.  She also made one for Kat.  Here we are, modeling our lovely citrus themed aprons. I love the elasticized pockets.

I actually finished this project on April 13, when I was taking a blogging break.  I couldn't post about them before now, because I wanted Robyn to see hers first.  She received hers in the mail earlier today.  Thanks to the wonders of Internet, here she is now, modeling it:

I had enough fabric to make two aprons, so I made a matching apron for myself.  The multi-colored fabric depicts apple crate labels.  It's lined and trimmed in cranberry red, and it has small leaf-shaped buttons that I hope look like apple tree leaves.

I was very happy with these aprons.  The pattern (McCall's 5643) was well-designed and easy as (apple) pie to put together, and I'm finding that as long as I am patient, my sewing skills are improving with each project. 

However, I am taking a break from sewing and my May project will be a yarn craft.

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