Monday, May 28, 2012

First Camping Trip of The Season - Watkins Mill State Park

Those of you who were readers of my previous blog may remember that we upgraded from our pop-up camper to a "hybrid" camper late last summer.  A hybrid camper has the convenience of a hard-sided camper, but because it has drop-down beds like a pop-up camper, it is is lighter in weight than conventional campers of the same length.

Since we bought it in August of last year, we were only able to take it out a couple of times.  Naturally, we were eager to get out in it this year.  Our first destination was Watkins Mill State Park and Historic Site, which is just north of us by about an hour.

A highlight of the trip included a doe (or maybe more than one) that strolled through the thin wooded strip between our campsite and the next.  We spotted her there three out of the four days we were there.  We also witnessed a barred owl being successfully called in from the wild by one of the park rangers; it was close enough we could see its face clearly.

If you want to see detailed pictures of our camper, go HERE (my old blog).

If you want more information about Watkins Mill State Park/Watkins Woolen Mill Historic Site, go HERE.

Patiently waiting as we set up camp.

Our home away from home.

Doe, about 50-60 feet from the camper.  Saw her (or another like her) three of the four days we were there.

"Oh, taxi!"


Camera fell lens-up on the picnic table, so I snapped a picture.

So tired, she can't see straight.

Nice campfire.

Sunday morning 'do.

Blowin' bubbles.

Down the lane to the mill.

Baaaaaaaad picture.

Outside the mill.

Summer kitchen at Bethany, the Watkins' family home.

Back of Bethany.  Summer kitchen (detached) to the right.  Open door leads to dining room of home.

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