Monday, May 7, 2012

Making Decisions In A Controversial World


I will think...about what truly matters to me and what kind of end result I want.  I will ignore what others, from the media to big business to my next door neighbor, tell me to think.

I will much as I can get my eyes on.  Until I'm sick of reading and confused by the contradictions.

I will think...again.  Have my thoughts changed because of my research, or am I still clear about my ideas and ideals?

I will decide...on my own -- which food is most nutritious for my family, and which candidates' views most closely match my own.  I will decide how I spend my money and my free time, and how I will teach my child..   If I bandwagon, it will be because I'm truly convicted, not just because I want to fit in.

I will do all of these things with my head, and then...

I will act...with my heart.


These thoughts were just rattling around my brain and needed a place to land.  They aren't in regard to specific events or decisions I am facing; this is just what happens in my head when I'm doing housework and tending the garden.
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