Monday, February 27, 2012

Money-Makin' Weekend and Random Thoughts

  • Like Goldilocks, sometimes you have to figure out what's "just right".  Shane said he wanted to work on something, but didn't know what.  I suggested the basement, but the look he gave me let me know he wasn't up for that.  So I suggested just the one corner of the basement that holds the camping gear that we don't use now that we have a camper.  That was a project that was just right for him.  He was able to put about 1/3 of it into the camper, 1/3 of it out to the curb to give away and the rest is listed on craigslist.
  • Because our logic is a little skewed, selling camping gear logically led to us selling an old Atari game system and several games to go with it. We didn't have the cables needed to hook it up to our TV at home, and the people at the used game store couldn't figure out how to hook it up at all, so we never did figure out if it worked or not.  The game place gave us a little less than $20 for all of it, but that was ok, because we only paid $10 for it at a garage sale a couple of years ago.
  • We also sold some gold rings that we no longer wore or wanted.  I guess I always figured those "We Buy Gold" storefronts were scams and that they wouldn't be willing to give more than pawn shop prices for jewelry, but I was wrong.  We received FAR more than I ever imagined we would.
  • On Sunday, we decided to work in the garden.  But somehow that morphed into taking our pop-up camper to the car wash and cleaning it up so we could set it up, get some pics and list it on craigslist.  We had it sold within two hours to the first person who inquired, and had three people lined up that I had to turn down.  Think we underpriced it?  Maybe, but it couldn't have been by much.  I think it's just getting to be the time of year people want to get out in the wild.  I don't blame them.  I can hardly wait to get our bigger little camper out for a weekend.

Bye-bye pop-up.  (Token post photo so that Mark stays happy.)

  • All told, we made a good chunk of money this weekend and had only one casualty.  The older of our two deep freezers finally bit it.  It was 11 years old, so we got a lot of use out of it, although we'd hoped it would last longer.  Unlike Shane's usual MO, I don't think he's going to try to fix it.  We'll probably just give it away on craigslist to someone who wants it for locked feed storage or something like that.
  • We didn't lose any of the deer meat, turkey, chicken or containers of lemon juice in the dying freezer.  Thankfully, all the pork was in our other deep freezer, but we did lose three pounds of shrimp.  I guess the salt-water content in them is why they thawed when nothing else did.  Shrimp was on the menu for Saturday's supper, which is how we found out we were having a problem again.  With nothing else thawed, we decided up going out for Mexican food and margaritas and called it date night.
  • I've heard some people say that microwave ovens are dangerous.  Now I know why.  After letting a couple loaves of bread rise in microwave, I was transferring the pans to the gas oven below it.  I managed to smack my scalp on the open microwave door hard enough to break skin. Forget radiation.  Head injuries are the real danger here.

So, how was your weekend?  I hope it you sold something and that you didn't get hit on the head.  :)
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