Thursday, June 21, 2012


We finally harvested the cabbage growing in Kat's garden bed.  It grew from a seedling she brought home from school earlier this spring and ultimately weighed in at 12 pounds.

Kat thought it was fun to grow, but she doesn't like to eat cabbage, so she's given me permission to do whatever I want with it.  I plan to make part of it into lacto-fermented kraut, if I can find enough containers.  I don't have a crock, so I guess I'll be making it in gallon jars.

I wondered about pressure canning it plain (not as kraut).  I've read about a few people doing it, but it's not listed as safe by any of the reputable sources (Ball, Kerr, university extension sites, etc.), so instead, I'll blanch and freeze whatever portion doesn't become kraut.  Little, if any, will be made into coleslaw since that isn't a favorite here.

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