Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Look Inside


Ford F250 V10.

Room for Kat.

Nice and clean...for now.

It rolled to 37,000 during the test drive.

I don't remember planting this.

Looking out the rear window.  Very roomy. 
As large as some studio apartments.
(Not sure what happened to the second swivel rocker.)

Hide-a-bed couch and real wood dinette set. 
I stretched out here while packing; woke up half an hour later.  :)
This passenger-side wall slides in for transit.
Entry door is just out of frame on the left.

Entertainment center and edge of kitchen. 
This TV stays for now, in case we find ourselves stuck inside on a rainy night.

Roomy kitchen with real hardwood floor.
 Kitchen and entertainment center are on the driver's side
of the camper and the entire wall slides in for transit.

Refrigerator and steps up to bathroom and bedroom.
Entry door is directly across from refrigerator.

The bedroom is in the part of the camper over the hitch.
Queen bed slides in from driver's side for transit.  That bedspread? 
It's out of here.  I don't care if it does match everything else in the camper.

Vanity table across from bed; middle section flips up to reveal mirror and
jewelry/cosmetic compartment.  The TV is as gone as the bedspread.
We won't use it, and can use the space for something else.

The bathroom is between the bedroom and kitchen.
It is a split bathroom, with the sink and shower on one side...

and private toilet and also a clothes/utility closet on the other side.
There is a small hallway in the center.  You can't see either in these pcitures, but
there is a vinyl folding door between bath and bedroom,
and a wooden pocket door between bath and kitchen/living room.
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