Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Quick Camping Trip

Shane and I decided to take the camper out again, just the two of us, while Kat was with her mom for the weekend.  It's been a few years since we camped without Kat, so we had a nice getaway as a couple.

An upscale housing development (Lakewood, for my local readers) was having community wide garage sales that we didn't want to miss.  We couldn't decide whether to camp or go to sales, so we figured out a way to do both, by camping just a mile away from Lakewood (at Blue Springs Lake).  That's right, we camped just 20-25 miles from home, and for all practical purposes, we were "in the city" the whole time, but as it turned out, this is one of nicest parks we camped in, and we had a very nice time.

A sight I won't often see -- the back of our camper while it's on the road.
Look how dark the sky looks.

Half an hour and 20 miles later, it's bright and clear!

Since we were sans Kat, our meals at camp were a little different this time around.  Any time we don't have her, we make a point of enjoying some of our favorite foods, flavors, and/or ingredients that she doesn't really like.  For example, Friday night we ate this Cajun Shrimp and Grits dish.  It was based on THIS RECIPE.  It doesn't look a thing like the original photo, but it was delicious and perfect for the cooler temperatures here that night.

We had THESE SANDWICHES for breakfast both Saturday and Sunday mornings, but instead of having the eggs on English muffins, we had them on bagel thins one morning and sandwich thins the next.

Our intent for Saturday was to run "home" to the camper for a quick lunch, then head back out for more garage sales, followed by a repeat of the same meal for supper.  What really happened was that we skipped lunch altogether, then had an extreme pig-out once we finally did get back to camp.  Pictured here (or just out of frame) are THIS DIP, along with some commercially-prepared hummus, a veggie tray and meat/cheese tray I put together, pita chips, woven wheat crackers, and sandwich thins.   There was just enough left over that we made a similar lunch yesterday when we came home.

To drink, we enjoyed water, iced tea, beer for Shane, some of the new Michelob Light Cider for me (meh...I was unimpressed), and each morning, coffee.

I tend to take too much food when we camp, but with each trip, I'm getting better at judging how much we will need.  I hope to be spot on by the end of summer.

That should be it for the camping posts for a while.  Our next camp out is reserved for July 4-8.  Unless, of course, we decide to go somewhere sooner.
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